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SQLfly Desktop

SQLfly is a database management, schema/system compare, database quality reports and database query tool to make every day work more productive.

A powerful tool to access the database with amazing new features. It’s one single tool comes with many cool features that improve your productivity, increase quality.

The Complete tool is absolutely FREE all the time for personal use only.

Please for commercial use licenses. ()


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Key features of SQLfly:

Currently supports ORACLE databases (Oracle 9i,10g and 11g).

Schema Compare

  • Compares & generates interactive HTML report of all schema matches / mismatches.
  • Compares one source schema with many target schemas.
  • Users can customize the multiple compare options available in the tool.
  • Can compare entire schema or specific object types or specific object lists etc.
  • Reports can be scheduled to run at any frequency defined by users.

System Compare

  • Perform system level compare like tablespaces, role compare etc across many databases.
  • Various compare options can be customized by users.

Database Quality Reports

  • Generate interactive HTML reports contains many pre-defined database quality reports.
  • Pre-defined reports including disabled constraints, Unusable Indexes, Invalid objects, Expired users etc.
  • Users can also create their own reports and generate HTML reports.
  • Reports can be scheduled to run at any frequency defined by users.

Powerful DB Search

  • Powerful SQLfly search engine to search database objects.
  • An easy to use interface to drill down the results and even look-up object detail.

SQL Editor

  • An User-friendly query tool with many new features including SAFE MODE query option to avoid destructive actions.
  • Option to have separate results tab for multiple queries execution.
  • Save results in multiple formats (CSV,PDF and HTML).

Database Explorer

  • An ultimate user-friendly explorer to browse database objects.
  • Quick and Detail views to drill-down objects details.
  • Filters to display recently changed objects, Mark Favorites, Extract DDL, Print results etc.

DB Monitor

  • Useful tool to monitor database, database sessions.
  • Lists Top SQLs, Locks, Waits etc.